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Choosing a Program

HSU offers many different types of programs for students to choose from. These programs differ in types of credit offered, types of financial aid you can utilize, and length. Below you can find a brief overview of each type of program that should help you decide which is best for your personal and academic needs.


HSU Faculty-Led Programs

• Limited Financial Aid can be used on these programs
• Deadlines can be found on the program description page
• Summer ONLY
• Resident credit
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These are programs that are developed at HSU and offer resident credit. Most of them are during the summer through Extended Education and can be from four to ten weeks long. You must attend an informational meeting and participate in all the program specific meetings and pre-departure orientation. Eligibility varies with the program. These programs have rolling admissions which means that you can be accepted before the deadline if you meet the acceptance criteria - this also means that a program might fill early. Apply and pay your deposit as soon as you know you want to go.

Bilateral Exchanges

• All Financial Aid (this includes loans, scholarships and grants) can be used on these programs
• Deadlines are October 1st for Spring departures and April 1st for Fall departures
• Semester long ONLY
• Transfer credit
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HSU has agreements with partner institutions around the world. Students participating in the exchanges pay fees at their home university and study abroad at the host university. These programs are competitive and there is a selection process.  Usually each host institution accepts only two students per semester or year. To give the most students the opportunity to participate in these programs students are usually only accepted for one semester. Students who participate in these programs are expected to be good ambassadors for HSU and help promote the program. You will be expected to sign a Service Agreement that outlines the type of service you are willing to do on your return. Students applying to these programs need to be self-sufficient and self-motivated. You will not be with a large group and will need to buy your own plane ticket and negotiate international airports. Bilateral exchanges offer transfer credit.


California State University Programs (CSUIP)

• All Financial Aid (this includes loans, scholarships and grants) can be used on these programs
• Deadlines are December 1st for most programs and April 15th for Australia and South Africa
• Year long ONLY
• Resident credit
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You must provide a copy of your passport, original transcripts from all universities you have attended and faculty recommendations to the Center for International Programs to complete your application. The application is electronically certified by a Study Abroad Coordinator and you are then required to attend an interview. All materials are sent to the Office for International Programs in Long Beach where a final selection is made. Students find out if they have been selected for the fall semester start programs in early March and for the spring semester start programs in August.

3rd Party Programs (USAC, CEA, etc.)

• If you receive Financial Aid you cannot use the State University Grant (SUG) or Cal Grant A/B on these programs. You can use any other type of Financial Aid including Federal grants like the Pell Grant.
• Deadlines can be found on the program description page
• Summer, semester and yearlong
• Transfer credit
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These programs have been approved for transfer of credit and offer programs to students in many different locations for many different lengths of time. WUE or out of state students might find that these programs are very affordable as there are no tuition or fees paid to HSU. You will need to complete an HSU Agreement and Release and a Credit Transfer Agreement.

Other Programs

Many other programs exist that offer summer, semester and yearlong options in locations around the world. The Center for International Programs at HSU does not advise on programs that are not listed on our Programs page. Students wishing to enroll in a semester or year-long program not listed on the programs page can do so by taking a leave of absence from Humboldt State University. It is recommended that students speak with their academic and study abroad advisor before beginning an application for an outside program.

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