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HSU Emergency Management Plan

The Emergency Management Plan, including the Incident Report, can be used by faculty or students:

Faculty Led Study Abroad Program (FLSAP)

To assist you with timelines, necessary documentation and requirements use the process FLSAP Workflow Checklist.

Developing a new Faculty Led Study Abroad Program

IPRC Committee Members are a committee comprised of representatives from the Office of the Registrar, Financial Aid, Risk Management, the Study Abroad Office, and faculty members with a great deal of experience in the field; and is a great resource. The Committee would like to be used as a resource to assist in the development of programs. Study Abroad programs can take up to two years to come to fruition so it is advisable to start the process as soon as possible. Please contact International Programs to schedule time with the committee.

Please have the following proposal ready, and all accompanying proposal documentation, before requesting a meeting with the IPRC :
FLSAP Proposal Form

Upon completion of the proposal requirements and IPRC review, please follow the Workflow checklist.
Please send the completed Proposal Package to the Center for International Programs

Renewing an Existing Faculty Led Study Abroad Program

Please complete the following documents:

Part 1:
Study Abroad - FSAP Renewal Proposal.pdf Deadline for submission -  Oct. 1st.

Please send the completed Proposal, and all document requirements, to the Center for International Programs.


Documents and Templates

Item Notes
Program Budget Template.xlsx  Please use this template to calculate the cost of the program to     the student. The titles of the categories can be changed. The  spreadsheet will calculate the cost of the program to the student once all the categories have a cost attached.
Learning site self assessment.doc The document must be completed if the program offers Service Learning opportunities to students
Final Itinerary Template.docx If you will be anywhere except for the home location please provide contact information either for yourself or someone who will be able to contact you quickly.
Brochure Template.docx Please contact the Center for International Programs if you have any questions.
HSU Volunteer Form Used when an unpaid volunteer is accompanying the program
Independent Student Travel while on a Faculty led Study Abroad Program.pdf This risk management document can be used to track students on independent travel (for weekends, holidays etc.) while participating in a FLSAP
HSU Payment Request Form Used for Guest Lecturers paid from HSU funding source
HSU Special Consultant Form If the program coordinators are not being paid by the partner organizations please complete their contact information and payment details.
MOU_Cooperative Agreement Template A friendship agreement used to establish a partnership to work together and build an international academic program (Optionally submitted with program proposal to show partnership intent and commitment)
Special International Academic Programs Contract Contract required between HSU and partner program
HSU International Travel Request Form Required for international travel

Opportunities for teaching and traveling abroad

There are a number of opportunities for faculty to teach abroad through program providers.


Faculty can also teach abroad for a summer, 'J' term, or a semester with the University Study Abroad Consortium (USAC):  (Not currently accepting applications) You can contact them to inquire at:


To find out more about becoming a CSUIP  Resident Director please go here:

CSUIP has recently introduced the International Faculty Partnership Seminar program. For more information please visit: International Faculty Partnership Seminar.docx

Fulbright Scholarships

The Fulbright Program provides grants and scholarships to faculty for the purposes of teaching, conducting research, or attending seminars.