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Student Blogs

Below you can find a compilation of Blogs published by Humboldt State University students and alumni who currently are or recently were living abroad. If you would like your blog to be included in this list please contact the Center for International Programs. The content in the links below is credited to the individual author and do not necessarily reflect the views or opinions of Humboldt State University. To report offensive content please contact the Center for International Programs.

Matilda Kerwin - CEA Third party provider program in France:

Michelle Delgadillo - Bilateral Exchange University of Cumbria -

Lydia Lee - Bilateral Exchange Charles Sturt University -


Camran Etherton - Bilateral Exchange, Bodø, Norway -  Abroad in Norway2.pptx

Camran - Norway

Hannah Williams - Third Party program in Viterbo, Italy

Hannah - Italy USAC

Eleanor Jolley - 3rd Party Program in Viterbo, Italy


Hanna Neitzke - 3rd Party Program in London, United Kingdom

abbey road

Raquel Koviak - Bilateral Exchange in Preston, United Kingdom


Jamie McCord - Bilateral Exchange in Montpelier, France


Savannah Havranek - 3rd Party Program in Chiang Mai, Thailand


Robert Portillo - 3rd Party Program in Buenos Aires, Argentina


Matt Hall - Bilateral Exchange in Bremen, Germany


Jeff Elsman - Bilateral Exchange in Turku, Finland


Sophie Remer - 3rd Party Program in San Sebastian, Spain