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Faculty Resources (Faculty Led/Bilateral)

Faculty Led Study Abroad Programs (FLSAP)

Proposal Process:

  1. Review the FLSAP Proposal Checklist and familiarize yourself with the process and deadlines.  The faculty lead is responsible for following the checklist outline and meeting deadlines outlined in the process.  
  2. Complete the FLSA Proposal
  3. Prepare all required, supporting documentation.  Once that is done, 
  4. Start the FLSA Approval Routing Adobe Sign process.  You will be required to attach the supporting materials to the Adobe Sign approval form. 
The Approval Routing Form will automatically be routed to IPRC once the first four signature are received.  At that point, IPRC will review the proposal and be in touch with the faculty lead.  Any out of cycle questions or review requests can be emailed to

Links to Materials/Forms

The Approval Routing Form will automatically be routed to IPRC once the first four signatures are logged.  At that point, IPRC will review the proposal and be in touch with the faculty lead.  Any out of cycle questions or review requests can be emailed to

IPRC Committee Members are a committee comprised of representatives from the Office of the Registrar, Financial Aid, Risk Management, College of Extended Education & Global Engagement, and faculty members with experience in the field of international education.  The IPRC is a resource to guide the development of new and continuing faculty-led study abroad programs and international partnerships/agreements. 

New programs can take up to two years to come to fruition so it is advisable to start the process as soon as possible. If you have any questions about the process, please contact the College of Extended Education & Global Engagement to schedule time with the Study Abroad Coordinator or Dean.


New program proposals should be submitted a minimum of one year in advance of projected departure.  March 1st is an expected deadline for a new program proposal for the next years summer. 

Proposals for program renewals with current/active approved contracts in place should be submitted no later than September 15th in the year prior to a projected summer departure.

Review the FLSAP Checklist, above, for detailed deadline information/instructions.

Resources for the Development of FLSAP

Documents and Templates
Item Notes
Program Budget Template Please use this template to calculate the cost of the program to the student. The titles of the categories can be changed. The  spreadsheet will calculate the cost of the program to the student once all the categories have a cost attached.
Learning Site Self-Assessment The document must be completed if the program offers Service Learning opportunities to students
Academic Programs Curriculum Guidelines, Policies & Procedures Review/use these guidelines when developing course curriculum.  Documents you may find especially helpful are:  Credit Hours, WASC Policy; and How to Calculate:  Credit Units, Class Time, Course Classification and Faculty Workload.
Final Itinerary Template If you will be anywhere except for the home location please provide contact information either for yourself or someone who will be able to contact you quickly.
International Agreements Routing Form Routing form for international agreements.
Cal Poly Humboldt Volunteer Form Used when an unpaid volunteer is accompanying the program
Independent Student Travel while on a Faculty led Study Abroad Program This sample risk management document can be used by faculty to track students on independent travel (for weekends, holidays etc.) while participating in their program.  
MOU - Cooperative Agreement Template A friendship agreement used to establish a partnership to work together and build an international academic program (Optionally submitted with program proposal to show partnership intent and commitment)
Special International Academic Programs Service Agreement Contract required between Cal Poly Humboldt and partner program
Cal Poly Humboldt International Travel Request Form Required for international travel
FLSAP Studio Abroad Faculty Reviewer Instructions Review this document if you need assistance with how to access studio abroad to accept, reject or waitlist applicants who have applied to your programs.

Cal Poly Humboldt Emergency Management Plan

The Emergency Management Plan, including the Incident Report, can be used by faculty or students:

Want to set-up a Bilateral Exchange or 3rd Party Program Partnership?

Cal Poly Humboldt recognizes that study abroad programs help foster global understanding and learning among students and faculty, and we support all endeavors in that direction.  For information and instructions on how to establish a bilateral exchange program, please review the PDF below.

Opportunities for teaching and traveling abroad

There are a number of opportunities for faculty to teach abroad through program providers.


Faculty can also teach abroad for a summer, 'J' term, or a semester with the University Study Abroad Consortium (USAC). You can contact them to inquire at:


To find out more about becoming a CSUIP  Resident Director please click here.
CSUIP has recently introduced the International Faculty Partnership Seminar program. For more information, please visit: International Faculty Partnership Seminar.

Fulbright Scholarships

The Fulbright Program provides grants and scholarships to faculty for the purposes of teaching, conducting research, or attending seminars.


Want to learn more about study abroad at Cal Poly Humboldt?  Data is accurate from 2014 on.  Here's how:
  1. Log onto PeopleSoft
  2. Navigate to: Humboldt CS Customization > HUM - Records & Enrollment > HUM On Demand Data Request 
  3. Click "Add a new value"
  4. Enter a Run Control ID (Study Abroad)
  5. Search for "abroad" in the Job Name
  6. Indicate start term and end term (optional)
  7. Click "Run", then OK
  8. Click "Process Monitor" to see job status.  You'll be emailed a .csv file when the report is ready.
You may need to request access to run reports.  Please view this document for more information.