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ThailandScholarships and other ideas for raising funds for studying abroad may be found at the following web sites. Most scholarships require certification by a Study Abroad Coordinator. If you are applying for a scholarship you must schedule a meeting with a Coordinator at least a week before the scholarship deadline to discuss the application. Certification is not guaranteed if this meeting does not take place.

You are encouraged to do independent research. If you find a scholarship you are eligible for, apply!

Announcing the HSU Global Ambassadors Fund - a new scholarship!

This grant provides up to $500 to support full-time HSU students seeking to study abroad in a 12 unit/1 semester (or equivalent) program anywhere in the world to cover costs not readily paid from other sources. First preference would be given to students required to study abroad for their major, and have a demonstrable need, but are unable to get funding or work during the semester while abroad, and with at least one semester left at HSU after they return.
For more information, including application requirements and instructions, email

Other Scholarships

The Gilman Scholarship Program looks for diversity. HSU is a Hispanic Serving Institution - one of the Gilman diversity criteria. Other diversity categories include: ethnicity, disability, non-tradition student, LGBT, First Generation, STEM majors, low income etc. All you need is to be receiving a Pell Grant. Gilman does not ask for your GPA on the application! You do need to talk about diversity in your application  - otherwise the Gilman Scholarship reviewers will not know!

Gilman Scholarship Program
Freeman-ASIA Scholarship
Fund for Education Abroad
Phi Kappa Phi Study Abroad Award
Boren Awards
Center for Global Education Study Abroad Scholarships
Institute of International Education Study Abroad Funding Financial Aid and Grants
PLATO (Project for Learning Abroad, Training & Outreach) Resources and Scholarships: Underrepresented Students
Study in Germany: UAS7 - German Universities of Applied Science
Study in Canada: Killam Fellowships Program 
Study in the UK: BUTEX scholarship  institutions in the UK that participate:
Study in Japan:  U.S.-Japan Council's Toshizo Watanabe scholarship  
Study in Japan: 
For LGBTQ students:
DAAD scholarships for short term and long term study in Germany:

HSU Scholarships

More information can be found on the Department of World languages and Culture website:

USAC Scholarships

All USAC participants will receive a $200 credit to their account once the full fee has been paid. Students may also receive an additional scholarship of $300 - $500. See more USAC scholarship information here:

CEA Scholarships and grants

· $500 grant for each student participating in a yearlong program
· $200 grant for each student participating in a semester program
· $100 grant for each student participating in a summer program
Scholarships, payment plans, and more:
· CEA Scholarships -
· CEA Payment Plans (Funding options) -
· Other options:
Grant and Travel Vouchers (Summer/Fall programs):
· To apply for the travel vouchers, students must use the promo codes at time of application.

SIT Scholarship

SIT offers the following scholarships with a cap of $5000 per student for semester programs and $3000 per student for summer programs:

Pell matching program fund
An automatic Hispanic Association of Schools and Colleges scholarship of $3,000/semester or $2000/summer
Additional scholarships of up to $5000/semester and $2000/summer

Deadlines to inform the Center for International programs of your intent to go on an SIT program:
Summer programs: April 1st
Fall programs: May 1st
Spring programs: Nov. 1st