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Other Programs

Many other programs exist that offer summer, semester and yearlong options in locations around the world.  The Study Abroad Office cannot advise on or approve participation or classes for programs that are not listed on our web site.  Students wishing to enroll in a semester or year-long program not listed on the web site can do so by taking a leave of absence from Humboldt State University.  It is recommended that students speak with a study abroad advisor before beginning an application for an outside program.

Financial aid is not available for programs that are not listed on this website. 

How Do I Apply to a Non-HSU Program?

Students can still apply to and participate on programs that are not official HSU programs. However, there are several important differences between HSU and non-HSU programs of which students must be aware:
  • Students participating on a non-HSU program cannot receive financial aid through HSU.
  • Students must take a leave of absence for the semester(s) spent abroad (not applicable for summer).
  • Students are recommended to meet with the Registrar’s Office a prior to applying to the program to see if HSU will accept transfer credits on a non-HSU program.
    • The Registrar’s Office can assess for transfer GE credit if the institution is accredited in its country, but no Credit Transfer Agreement or other HSU Study Abroad forms are needed.
  • Students must research and apply for the program individually.
  • The Study Abroad office cannot advise students or sign documents for non-HSU programs.
  • Students must meet with their academic adviser to determine if transfer credits could meet degree requirements.
  • Students must arrange for an official transcript to be sent to the Office of the Registrar once coursework is completed. Most programs will charge a fee to send an official transcript.
  • Once the transcript is received, HSU’s Office of the Registrar will then evaluate the transcript and add appropriate credit.

How Do I Know if a Non-HSU Program is Reputable?

Ultimately, students participating on non-HSU programs are responsible for doing their own research to determine if the program provider is a reputable organization.