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HSU Faculty-Led Programs

These are programs that are developed at HSU and offer resident credit. Most of them are during the summer through Extended Education and can be from four to ten weeks long. You must attend an informational meeting and participate in all the program specific meetings and pre-departure orientation. Eligibility varies with the program. These programs have rolling admissions which means that you can be accepted before the deadline if you meet the acceptance criteria - this also means that a program might fill early. Apply and pay your deposit as soon as you know you want to go.

Application Process

  1. Click "Login" and start a profile
  2. Apply for a Passport or renew your expiring Passport
    (Passports must be signed and valid for 6 months beyond your
    study abroad return date.)

  3. Research programs and fill out a Cost Comparison Worksheet
  4. Click “Apply Now” on the program you would like to attend to set up your profile
  5. Complete your application on this website by the deadline
  6. Pay your deposit and fees on time to CEEGE (College of Extended Education & Global Engagement).
  7. Follow directions from your program.  Now is when you can also work on booking your ticket, and arranging your accommodations and arrival. 
  8. Attend the HSU Pre-Departure Orientation. You will receive an email with the dates and times (typically at the end of the semester prior to your departure). 
  9. Have fun (and study hard)!