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Bilateral Exchanges

  • Ashley, ChileAll financial aid (federal, state (SUG or Cal Grant A/B) and Scholarships) can be used on these programs
  • Semester long - some yearlong opportunities may be available, please check with the study abroad advisor.
  • Transfer credit
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Cal Poly Humboldt has agreements with partner institutions around the world. Students participating in the exchanges pay tuition/registration fees at their home university (Cal Poly Humboldt) and study abroad at the host university. These programs are competitive and there is a selection process.  Usually each host institution accepts only one or  two students per semester or year. To give as many students the opportunity to participate in these programs students are usually only accepted for one semester.

Students applying to these programs need to be mature, self-sufficient and self-motivated. You will not be with a large group and will need to buy your own plane ticket and negotiate international airports. Bilateral exchanges offer transfer credit.

Your first application will be to the Cal Poly Humboldt Bilateral Exchange Program - not to the university you wish to attend. There are limited places at the partner institutions and the students we send must represent Humboldt well. The program needs to have an equal number of students participating from each institution so occasionally you might not be able to go to your first choice university. When you have been accepted by Humboldt to participate in the program your name will be nominated to our partner and you will be invited (by email) by them to submit an official exchange application to the host university. The time from Humboldt acceptance to application to the host university is sometimes very short so you will need to act promptly.

Do not enroll in classes at Humboldt. Once you have been accepted to the program you will be put into a 'placeholder' class and will remain active Humboldt student.

Application Process

  1. Click "Login" and start a profile
  2. Apply for a Passport or renew your expiring Passport (Passports must be signed and valid for 6 months beyond your study abroad return date.)
  3. Research programs (find out if it has classes you need, and what the costs are) and fill out a Cost Comparison Worksheet
  4. Meet with the Study Abroad Advisor. To set up an appointment online click here.
  5. Click “Apply Now” on Application for Bilateral Exchange and complete all required documents, not on the page for your desired program.
  6. Once you are accepted by Cal Poly Humboldt to the Bilateral Exchange Program you must then apply to the university where you have been placed using that university's application process.  Instructions will be emailed by the host university.
  7. Meet with your Academic Advisor (for major coursework) or the Registrar's Office (for GE coursework) to get your selected classes approved and complete the Credit Transfer Agreement.  
  8. Follow directions from your host university. During this time you will also want to work on getting your visa (after you have received your acceptance letter), booking your ticket, and arranging your accommodations and arrival.  The host university should send information to you on when to start this process along with guidance.
  9. Attend the Humboldt Pre-Departure Orientation. You will receive an email with the dates and times (typically at the end of the semester prior to your departure). 
  10. Have fun (and study hard)!