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CSU International Programs (CSUIP)

  • GermanyAll financial aid (Federal, State (SUG and Cal Grants A/B, and scholarships) can be used on these programs
  • Semester and year-long option available - varies by program (some programs are only year-long while other have semester only options)
  • Resident credit
  • Click here to see all CSUIP programs
  • CSU IP offers weekly virtual information sessions.  The most current schedule can be found here.

NOTE:  You will need to complete two applications!  The official application to participate in the program exists on the CSU IP website.  However, you must also complete the Cal Poly Humboldt "risk management" application associated with the same program and location in our searchable database.  

Step 1: Cal Poly Humboldt Study Abroad Application Process

  1. Click 'Login' and start a profile (upper right).
  2. Apply for a Passport or renew your expiring Passport (Passports must be signed and valid for 6 months beyond your study abroad return date.)
  3. Research programs (find out if it has classes you need, and what the costs are) and fill out a Cost Comparison Worksheet.
  4. Once you select the program of choice, click the APPLY NOW button.  This is how you start the Humboldt "risk management" application.
  5. Complete Humboldt application requirements and submit.  

Step 2: CSUIP Application Process
  1. Begin the CSUIP application on their website.

Step 3: (If selected by the CSUIP committee to attend the program you applied for)
  1. Follow directions from CSU IP and your program -- this will include getting your visa, booking your ticket, and arranging your accommodations and arrival. 
  2. Complete the Credit Transfer Agreement form (meet with your academic advisor or Registrar's Office)
  3. Attend the CSU IP and Humboldt Pre-Departure Orientations. You will receive an email with the dates and times (typically at the end of the semester prior to your departure). 
  4. Have fun (and study hard)!
Do not enroll in classes at Cal Poly Humboldt. Once you have been accepted to the program you will be put into a 'placeholder' class and will remain a Humboldt student.