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3rd Party Programs (USAC,CEA,SIT, Wildlands, etc.)

  • If you receive Financial Aid you cannot use the State University Grant (SUG) or Cal Grant A/B fees on these programs. You can use most other type of Financial Aid including Federal grants like the Pell Grant
  • Deadlines can be found on the program description page
  • Summer, semester and yearlong
  • Transfer credit
  • Click here to see all 3rd Party Provider programs

These programs have been approved for transfer of credit and offer programs to students in many different locations for many different lengths of time. WUE or out of state students might find that these programs are very affordable as there are no tuition or fees paid to HSU.

You will start an application through the HSU GoAbroad web portal. Then you will be directed to the web page of the program provider and will need to complete the application process there. Once you have been accepted to the program you will be put into a 'placeholder' class and will remain an HSU student. You will need to complete the application materials required by this organization as well as all materials required by HSU.

  • You will be paying fees, which may include tuition and program, to this organization.  
  • You will not be paying any fees to HSU. Certain aspects of financial aid, such as the Cal Grant A/B or State University Grant may not be used on third party provider programs.
  • Do not enroll in classes at HSU. 

Application Process

After you have attended an Informational Meeting:
  1. Click on "Login" and start a profile
  2. Apply for a Passport or renew your expiring Passport (Passports must be signed and valid for 6 months beyond your study abroad return date.)
  3. Research programs (find out if it has classes you need, and what the costs are) and fill out a Cost Comparison Worksheet
  4. Meet with Emily Kirsch, the Study Abroad Advisor (optional). To set up an appointment online click here, or call 707 826-4142.
  5. Click “Apply Now” for the program you would like to attend and complete all required documents
  6. You must also complete an application on the 3rd Party Provider website and complete all their requirements
  7. Meet with your Academic Advisor (for major coursework) or Transfer and Graduation Counselor in the Registrar's Office (for GE coursework) to get your selected classes approved. 
  8. Complete a Credit Transfer Agreement and turn it in to the CIP.  Once you've submitted this, CIP can approve you for the program.
  9. Follow directions from your program - this will include getting your visa, booking your ticket, and arranging your accommodations and arrival. 
  10. Attend the HSU Pre-Departure Orientation. You will receive an email with the dates and times (typically at the end of the semester prior to your departure). 
  11. Have fun (and study hard)!