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Where's My Transcript?

If you are receiving transfer credit (e.g. you attended a 3rd Party Program or a Bilateral Exchange) it can sometimes take a full semester for your transcripts to reach HSU. Your transcript will be sent to the Center for International Programs, and then on to the Office of Registrar with your Credit Transfer Agreement. You will see on your DARS report the classes you completed abroad substituted for HSU classes and the HSU classes no longer show on your DARS as needing to be completed.

A copy of your transcript is also sent to the Financial Aid Office to verify that you were enrolled when you received your aid. Sometimes this can cause problems as the transcript can take a while to reach HSU. If you are having trouble accessing your financial aid let the Study Abroad staff know and they may be able to help you.

I don't see the classes I took on my DARS - what happened?

Click this link to find out:  Study Abroad credit records.docx

CSUIP Students

Your Academic Report is sent out to your permanent address on file as well as to the Center for International Programs. This report can sometimes take a full semester to reach HSU.